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Welcome to xidipix studio, Discover our different services : Print, web and motion design

Hello and welcome to xidipix studio. Freelance graphic designer for several years, It is always with the same curiosity that I approach new topics. In partnership with various Professional of communication (Developer, designer, Illustrator, photographer, Editor …), We create your 360 degre communication by applying marketing strategies tailored to your needs via Print projects, web and motion design.

Print :

PrintXidipix makes your logos, your graphic charts and communications on any support : whether it's posters (A3, A4, 4 by 3, panel, announcement press,…), the Flyers, Leaflet (2, 3, 4 components or other), brochures, business cards, layouts of documents, packaging, etc…

Web :

WebDesign creation, development and integration of Web site in HTML 5. Our web realizations are in responsive design, that is to say that these sites resize according to the user's screen resolution. Which allows a good read on smartphone, Tablet as well as on computer.

Motion design :


After setting the storyboard of your project, We realize your video. Brief until the Video editing. It can be a 3D or 2D animation.
The modeling and animation 3D for your brand, your product is also possible.


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